The Ashley Madison Hack and What It Means For You

Hopefully, it means nothing to you or your family, because you have had no association with this website.  However, for 33 million users it means their names, addresses and email addresses are accessible to anyone who takes the time to look.  Wired magazine has an excellent article explaining how the hack occurred.  While the data is currently in a format that is very difficult to search, I'm sure some enterprising person will figure out how to put all the information into an easily searchable format. 

I certainly hope that those 33 million users are not counting on their spouses being either too trusting or not computer-savvy enough to search.  Trust me, it won't be just spouses looking, it will be nosy neighbors, relatives and friends looking to catch someone stepping out on their spouse or partner. 

I believe confession is good for the soul and your partner deserves your honesty.  The state of your marriage or relationship was not on stable footing if you were trolling one of these websites.  You can tell yourself you were just looking because you were curious or you can try and lie your way out of the situation by saying your email was hacked, but your spouse ain't buying it.  A marriage can't survive under a cloud of deception.  Sooner or later it starts raining.  You get caught on that website you better be prepared for hail.