From the Paralegal's Desk: Can’t we file something to hurry the judge up?

No, just no. These are my favorite phone calls from clients. I understand that it is important to you, the client, to get things done as quickly as possible. Remember, that the courts have multiple cases and that it moves at it’s own pace. Keep in mind that there are often deadlines for the opposing side to file things and we have to wait on that. EVERYONE believes there case is important and deserves priority.  We believe that too, but the courts, with judges having thousands of cases at any given time, have to be practical moving cases forward.  We have seen emergency motions for all sorts of things: after-school activities, child's attendance at a wedding,etc.  When judge's have to consider those issues versus an emergency motion for custody of a child being removed from one parent's home for abuse, which do they choose?  The courts do not move slowly just because it is you. They move at the pace and needs of the parties involved. The judges and their staff have to make difficult decisions about scheduling every day.  That doesn't mena they don't believe your case is important or worthy of their time.