From the Paralegal's Desk: Trying the Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Like many of our clients I have  struggled in my life financially. So, I can relate to many people who believe that they cannot afford an attorney. After working in a law firm I have found that if you try to go ahead and do it yourself, it can be more costly than hiring an attorney to begin with. For example, I have a friend who was doing her own divorce which she started 2 years ago.  She keeps getting sent back because something is wrong. She filed something incorrectly or she waited to long to complete a task. She and her wannabe ex-husband agree on all the documents and have signed them all, yet they still don’t have their divorce. Most recently, our firm a very similar divorce and we had it done and finished in 2 weeks. What I am really trying to say here, is that trying to do it yourself can cost you more time, headaches and money than you expect.