Dolce & Gabana, "Synthetic" Children and Family Law

I am going to skip over my many complaints about the fashion megastars and their comments about families who have used reproductive assisted methods to conceive, and jump right to how the use of those methods affect custodial and support issues.  Their use of the word "synthetic" to label the beloved offspring of many families is both troubling and not scientifically sound.  So, let me assure you that children born as a result of reproductive technology are very REAL.  If you and your spouse divorce, but your child was born with the assistance of reproductive technology, you will REALLY have to pay child support.  If you live in a state where assisted reproductive rights aren't clearly defined, and the known donor you used sues for custodial rights, you may REALLY have to share custody of your child.  Lastly, if you are in front of a judge and try to use the argument that you have noresponsibility  towards your child because he/she is "synthetic" due to how he/she was conceived, you are REALLY going to get an epic smackdown by an irate judge. 

Postscript:  While the comments made by D&G seemingly were aimed at gay parents, they included ALL children born by use of IVF, surrogacy, donor sperm and/or donor egg.  That is a lot of children that they have made sweeping assumptions about and they should bel less than surprised that whole lot of mama and papa bears are going to jump to the defense of their children.