Am I Entitled to Child Support in New Mexico?

If you are the parent of a minor child in New Mexico, both you and the other parent have a duty to support that child. The amount of child support that may be paid to a parent is based on several factors. These include the amount of time the child spends with each parent, the child's health care costs, and the amount of income each parent earns. New Mexico uses a set of child-support worksheets to calculate the amount of child support do. The use of these worksheets is not optional. Which worksheet you use, is based on the amount of timesharing allocated to each parent. When the child spends the majority of time with one parent, Worksheet A is used. When the parents have a more equal timesharing schedule, Worksheet B is then used. Keep in mind that child support amounts are set by statute. In other words, in the process of determining child support, we are not negotiating child support. If a parent is entitled to a certain amount of child support, as set forth in the guidelines, that's the amount that the child support will be.  There are times that parents will agree to change the child support amount based on other circumstances. If the parents are in agreement, and have a good reason to change the child support amount, the court will often agreed to do so.