There are several avenues that a divorce can take: 

  • Uncontested divorce is when both sides are in agreement on all issues and they need to inside submit and sign paperwork to finalize their divorce. This can be the least expensive option. Our office can you prepare the paperwork for both parties to sign. Because the parties are in agreement there is no need for the firm and the attorney to represent either side.
  • Mediated divorce allows both sides to meet on neutral ground to hammer out the details of their divorce. You hire a mediator rather than an attorney. This option is chosen by couples who want to save time and money but still believe they need the assistance of a knowledgeable professional. Our office conducts half day and full day mediation and will prepare the paperwork to get your case finalized. While we can't guarantee your case will fully mediate, we will work to resolve as many issues as possible.
  • Collaborative divorce has some similarities with mediated divorce. The parties are still seeking to settle their divorce without litigation, but each party will be represented by an attorney. Parties may choose this option. The attorneys can agree on experts and share the cost saving the parties money. If collaborative efforts fail, nine their attorney will represent you in litigating your divorce. This encourages the parties to fully commit to the process or risk wasting money.
  • Contested divorce is the traditional model most people are familiar with. While this process may be the most time-consuming and costly, It may be the best option in your situation. Particularly, in situations where you need legal protection from your spouse or your spouse has already retained a lawyer.  This doesn't mean that there won't be attempts to settle your case. In fact, most judges will require that the parties at least make an effort to negotiate a settlement.

Parties may not always be ready to proceed with the divorce when we meet with them but maybe want to physically separate from their spouse.  In this situation the parties come file for legal separation. Legal separation has many of the components of a divorce without finalizing the divorce. The parties will stay married until they choose to divorce but are able two separate property and request things like alimony and child support.