Client Resources

This page will assist you as you go through the bankruptcy process.  You can access all of the documents in our bankruptcy packet, along with some post-bankruptcy resource.



PDF Version of Bankruptcy Packet:

Budget Financial Planners:

Below are a list of some financial management resources and links to helpful financial planners, budgeting material to help you rebuild post-bankruptcy:

Glinda Bridgforth:

Glinda Bridgforth is a financial expert who has appeared on The Today Show, Oprah, Larry King Live and many others.  She has written a series of books on budgeting and personal finance, some of which I have linked on this page.

Dave Ramsey:

Dave Ramsey is a financial adviser who has a radio show and a show on Fox Business.  He takes a no-credit approach to personal finance.  Some may find his approach difficult, but others really enjoy his old school budgeting principles.  I have a posted a link to his book "The Total Money Makeover."

Clark Howard:

Clark Howard is a budgeting expert who is all about finding ways to save money. You can listen to his podcast via his website.

Judy Lawrence: