From the Paralegal's Desk: When will I get my discharge?

Shortly, after the client attends the 341(a) meeting they begin asking when they will get their discharge. When you file a bankruptcy chapter 7 it generates two dates the first is the 341(a) meeting the second is the due date for the client to have finished a financial management course and provide a certificate to the court. However, this second date is also the due date for any creditor to file a proof of claim or adversarial claim.  What I tell all our clients is that you cannot get a discharge until after that second date. It does not mean that you will get it right after that date it just means you cannot get one before that date.  Those dates are set in stone and there is no way to hurry it along or move it up.  This can be frustrating for clients who have completed everything asked of them, but creditors have rights in bankruptcy court too.  The court takes both the debtor's rights and the creditor's rights, seriously.