Why You Should Open Your Mail... (Notices from your Credit Lenders)

Yesterday, I received a piece of mail in a plain white envelope, not identifying the sender. When I opened it, it turned out to be a personal information sharing notice from my mortgage lender. This notice let me know that it would share my personal information with other businesses unless I called in to request that the information not be shared. What type of information might be shared? My social security number and income. My account balances and transaction history. My credit history and payment history. Now, I know my lender already uses this information to semi offers for other products, etc. However I don't want them selling or giving this information to other businesses. So, I'm going to call and set these privacy preferences. If I had thrown that plain envelope into the recycling, the way I normally would, I would have missed the opportunity to limit the sharing of my personal information. Please make sure you're opening all of your mail or your personal information may get shared without your knowledge.