New Scam Alert: Delinquent Payday Loans and the "Bureau of Defaulters"

Our Chapter 13 Trustee today sent out an email alerting attorneys to two new scams that may target our clients.  The first scam relates to telephone calls claiming that you may owe on a delinquent payday loan.  The scammer may already have your personal information, like your birthday and social security number.  They will call over and over again.  They refuse to give specific information about the payday loan. If you receive such a call, do not follow the instructions of the caller.  Instead contact your bank and let it know someone may attempt to illegally access your account.  Also contact the credit bureaus and ask them to put an alert on your account.

The second scam involves emails from the so-called "Bureau of Defaulters."  There is no such agency.  The email says it is a court notice.  If you receive such an email forward it to and then delete it.